CFI Award for the best Independent Financial Advisory team in Spain 2022

Capital Finance International (CFI) has awarded DPM Finanzas the prize for the best Independent Financial Advisory team in Spain in 2022.

The prestigious financial magazine highlights the ethics, transparency, independence and commitment of a team that always seeks the best for its clients, by providing recommendations free of conflicts of interest and tailored to their needs.

CFI, a media reference in the financial sector (Capital Finance International) is a prestigious magazine specialized in finance which offers extensive coverage and analysis of current events as well as economic trends in markets around the world.

It is a benchmark in this sector, and its awards are backed by its long history. In addition. It has more than 170 years of experience in financial journalism.

Their critical eye, the absence of bias and a thorough investigation of the selected project are the premises with which they make informed decisions and designate their winners.

The main goal of the awards is to identify and reward the excellence of companies and organizations with an innovative spirit, that add value in different economic scenarios, and that are committed to excellence and total customer satisfaction.

With these awards they aim to inspire others in their development and showcase best practices worldwide. An opportunity that has granted DPM Finanzas an access into the CFI radar as a strong candidate for its performance, best practices and innovative spirit in the Independent Financial Advisory sector.

​​What has CFI seen in DPM Finanzas?

According to the report provided by the jury, DPM Finanzas is a company that stands out for five fundamental pillars:

1. Focus on their client’s needs

DPM Finanzas is distinguished by its deep involvement with its clients and a comprehensive knowledge of them.

This allows them to make fully customized investment proposals, adapted to the needs, knowledge and objectives of each single client.

They offer their clients the possibility of choosing freely with which financial institutions (either national or international) they want to carry out the recommendations and deposit their investments, benefiting from the global agreements signed with many of them, which reduce their operational costs significantly.

All of this based on transparency and the total absence of conflicts of interest.

DPM Finanzas has set itself the goal of becoming a benchmark in Spain as a trusted independent advisor to family groups, companies and religious institutions, elite athletes, endowments and mutual insurance companies.

2. The value of Independence

DPM does not accept any incentives or commissions for the referrals or investments it recommends (fee only service)

Their income solely comes from the fees it explicitly and transparently charges for its services.

The firm’s ethical stance is clear, as Carlos Farrás states:

“We live honestly in the financial sector thanks to our independence, the absence of conflicts of interest and total transparency with the client. We provide financial advice to our clients as we would like it to be given to us.”

3. Sustainable growth

DPM Finanzas does not seek quick profits, they are committed to sustainable growth based on trust.

Its work consists of selecting and recommending the best products, managers and strategies to encourage its clients boost their investments in the most efficient way, controlling risks, reducing costs and protecting their wealth.

This philosophy and way of proceeding entirely oriented in the interest of their clients has allowed them to achieve an annual growth of 20 to 30% during the last 8 years.

4. Innovative sustainability projects

CFI also highlights one of the most challenging ongoing projects being carried out by the DPM team: the implementation and analysis of ESG criteria in its recommendations.

Nowadays, sustainable investment and ESG criteria are becoming increasingly important in the market.

Investors are not only looking for returns, they also want to contribute to sustainability.

What is ESG?

ESG is the acronym for Environmental, Social and Governance:

  • The E for Environmental encompasses the impact that companies’ activities have on the environment, in more or less directly manner.
  • The S for Social refers to the effect or scope that a company has on its social environment, on the community.
  • The G for Governance moves into the area of shareholders and company management: whether there is diversity on boards of directors, transparency policies or codes of conduct, for instance.

Thereupon, the economy is evolving towards a socially responsible investment model.

Consequently, the independent financial advisor must be prepared to offer portfolio proposals in accordance with ESG criteria.

In this sense, DPM Finanzas incorporates these criteria in its investment process, fund or asset selection, and is developing a new periodic report format for its clients which includes these valuations.

CFI highlights the involvement of DPM Finanzas in an innovative project that seeks to transform the economy into a sustainable model and channel private investment towards companies that have a positive impact on the environment, society and its governance.

Hence, they are incorporating these criteria in their investment processes as well as in the selection of funds and assets.

5. A high performance team

DPM Finanzas attributes its success to a highly talented, committed, disciplined, competent and empathetic team with a broad background in the financial sector.

Let’s meet them below.

The DPM Finanzas team, its greatest asset

If something where to define DPM Finanzas, it is its team.

Talent is its best investment.

DPM Finanzas seeks to surround itself with excellent professionals, but also with the best people. This is an essential requirement in order to generate the relationship of trust that is so necessary in its work.

Thus, it has a committed, empathetic and reliable senior team, with extensive experience and a deep knowledge of the financial markets.

Carlos Farrás, Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer

With a broad background in banking and more than twenty years of experience, he has worked as a senior manager in different positions of responsibility in entities such as Barclays Bank, Bankinter or HSBC Investment Bank.

A pioneer in the independent financial advisory sector, with DPM Finanzas he takes the leap towards this new disruptive investment model to issue guidance to (without conflicts of interest) families and companies to make the best decisions.

Alfonso Valdivielso, Partner – Commercial and Business Development Manager

Alfonso has more than 25 years of experience in the financial sector, having held senior positions in private banking in entities such as Lloyds Bank and Barclays Bank.

He firmly believes that the right way to advise is through independent advisory services, provided by specialized professionals who are fully committed to each of their clients.

His broad expertise and market vision allow him to define the best strategies and the most innovative solutions, always taking into account the particular needs and interests of the clients so that they can obtain the best performance.

Soraya Benguerrach, Director of Wealth Management

Soraya Benguerrach stands out for her extensive experience in the private banking area of CaixaBank, occupying various positions of responsibility.

She has a high degree of specialization in Private Banking as Wealth Management Director, managing and providing independent advisory services to high net worth UHNW clients.

If anything characterizes Soraya, it is her communication skills and her ability to build a professional relationship based on integrity, closeness and listening to the client’s needs in order to improve their satisfaction, loyalty and profitability.

Conrado la Roche, Head of Fund Analysis and Selection

Conrado has broad experience as a wealth manager, private banking manager and independent financial advisor.

He is passionate about financial markets with a high level of expertise, analytical skills and professional accuracy. His market analysis, asset and manager selection provide high added value in investment recommendations and decisions.

Beatriz López, Chief Operating Officer

Beatriz has more than 20 years of professional experience in different financial institutions as team leader and manager.

At DPM Finanzas she is in charge of coordinating the control areas, communications to the regulator and other institutions, as well as the supervision of client and supplier operations, thus guaranteeing quality and excellence in independent financial advice.

In short, DPM Finance has highly qualified professionals who share a culture and values based on trust, integrity, excellence, transparency and, of course, independence.

More than an award

CFI’s award to DPM Finanzas as the best financial advisory team in Spain 2022 is not just an award.

It is the recognition of a new investment model which is ethical, transparent, independent and committed to its clients; an innovative and proactive company spirit.

It is the confirmation that other ways of investing are possible and are needed.