Our company, DPM Finanzas EAF, has been recognized with the award for the Best Independent Financial Advice Company of Spain in the Global Banking & Finance Awards 2020 organized by The European.

A new recognition to DPM Finanzas and its team, which we especially value for being distinguished by our DNA, that is, our “really” independent financial advice.

This award underscores the importance outside our borders to independence, mainly in English-speaking countries or Switzerland with a more advanced financial culture and where most investors choose to hire “independent advice”.

Since our begining, more than 7 years ago, we have always strived to build an investment services firm that differs by being totally independent, based on the total absence of conflicts of interest and the alignment of interests with our clients. This award is a recognition of the quality of our service and our main differentiation in an increasingly demanding and competitive market.

“Our firm and determined commitment to Independent Advice is being rewarded and strengthened year after year with a steady increase in customers relying on DPM Finanzas EAF” Alfonso Valdivielso, Partner Commercial Director DPM Finanzas

“I do not want to miss the opportunity to thank The European for having rewarded us with this recognition, as well as our customers for their continued trust, the entire team and suppliers for their help in seeking excellence and the media for echoing our model and opinions from our beginnings.” Carlos Farrás, Managing Partner

Thank you for joining us every day.

The DPM Finanzas team.