DPM Finanzas

Financial Advisory Company (EAF), authorized, regulated and supervised by the CNMV and registered with CNMV registration number (132).

With over 20 years of experience in the financial sector, we help investors make correct decisions, select best products, reduce operating expenses and continuously monitor their assets.

  • More than 20 years of EXPERIENCE in the financial sector

  • TOTAL absence of conflicts of interest

  • Selection BEST products for quality, cost and taxation

  • Significant reduction of operating COST

  • We save TIME and resources to our customers

  • TAILOR MADE advice

What do they think about us?

The help that DPM Finanzas it gives me in the selection of the different categories of assets that best fit my investor profile, it implies a clear contribution of value. Their service is proactive and reaches beyond the assets entrusted to them. They should not be persecuted, they simply propose and facilitate the execution of orders, which is very much appreciated when limited time and knowledge is available in a highly volatile and changing market environment. Thank you for the added value!

Jaime Echegoyen, President of the SAREB

As an entrepreneur, I must focus 100% on my business, but I cannot neglect our financial assets so that it continues to grow as time passes. For this reason, in 2013 I made the decision to hire DPM Finanzas to help us make the investment decision. Since then we have seen our investments grow, we are repeatedly informed of their evolution and we have the security and peace of mind of having first-rate professionals who monitor and protect our investments.

Jorge Guilleuma, JG Automotive CEO

After a long career providing legal services to companies and corporations I appreciate the importance of having good professionals to help you in matters that are not of your specialty. Naturally one should know that these services have a cost. Good service never has a low price. DPM Finanzasis my financial advisor providing me value in investment decisions and the management of my assets since 2014.

José Luis Huerta, Hogan Lovells partner

Although as a professional I participate in the financial markets, I like to have the help of DPM for making my investment decisions since I want to have objective opinions, professional investment theses and most importantly that help me control my emotions. Five years have passed and I have not missed the opportunity to recommend them to fellow professionals and friends.

José Rey, AXPO Trading Director

We wanted to participate with our testimony of the project of DPM Finanzas, thanking and congratulating its partners and the whole team, for their good work, high professionalism, excellent customer service and independence that they have demonstrated from the beginning, fundamental ingredients to position them as a reference for Independent Advice in our market. In DPM Finanzashey chose this path as the best way to offer objectivity to their clients, together with the confidence shown by their professionals and have shown that it is the correct way to create a solid and solvent group.

Of Carlos Farras and Alfonso Valdivielso, it goes without saying that we have worked together in the last fifteen years in different companies, being great professionals and better travel companions.

From Fidelity International we wish you many more years of success and challenges ahead, hoping we can continue celebrating them together.

Domingo Barroso, Sales Director in Spain & Portugal of Fidelity International

I have had the pleasure of working for many years with the members of the team that is currently part of DPM Finanzas and I must say that they are professionals with great dedication and great knowledge of the markets that stand out for their professionalism and good work. The great experience of this team has allowed the project in which they are immersed to make its way in an industry in constant evolution and that requires its participants a constant adaptation to remain competitive

Aitor Jauregui , Head of BlackRock for Spain, Portugal and Andorra

The professionalism and deep knowledge of the financial markets of Carlos Farrás and the team of experts of DPM Finanzas is a valuable guarantee as a source of usual information in our reports. Having your invaluable collaboration and extensive experience is not only a privilege but a necessity in times where quality information is a scarce asset with high added value.

Alejandro Ramírez, INVERSIÓN Director

I feel very grateful for the collaboration that DPM Finanzasgenerously has been contributing to my work as a financial journalist for years. Always with great kindness, excellent disposition and patience, Carlos Farrás helps me understand and interpret what happens in the markets and the world of investment. Sometimes I am even amazed at his formidable capacity for analysis, which can only be explained by his long experience and professionalism. For me it is a most reliable and balanced source of information, leading one of the few companies that exclusively provides independent advice under MIFID II

Susana Pérez, Financial journalist

Our values

Our business model is focused on giving the best of ourselves to our clients avoiding any conflict of interest, and is based on the following values.

INTEGRITY AND HONESTY. All our actions must be comprehensive and honest, not only with our customers but with all the people we interact in our day to day (regulators, employees, suppliers, etc.).
Our services have a single objective to cover the needs of our clients, give a satisfactory answer to their problems and help them in their decision making. All this within the strict framework of legality and the regulatory environment.
TRUST. Every day we work to obtain the trust of our clients, regulators, our shareholders and the society as a whole. But also of our employees, and therefore, team managers have an obligation to build trust among the members of their department. It is not just a commitment but a responsibility.
EXCELLENCE. All our processes and actions must seek excellence, we cannot afford errors in information, monitoring and control.
We know that these values ​​are what differentiate us from the rest and are part of the DNA of our company. Therefore, it is especially important that we be clear and transparent in our services (commissions, information, monitoring, etc.) with clients, suppliers, regulators and shareholders. Independence is a continuous and present requirement when selecting the best products, by not taking incentives, when selecting suppliers, etc.
INNOVATION. In the use of new technologies, process improvement or search for new financial products that allow us to offer our clients services of greater quality and safety.
TEAMWORK. We have the best team, not only because we have extraordinary professionals, but above all because of the collaboration model between individuals, departments and areas. And we have an internal regulation of conduct as a framework for action and relationship between all.

Our service is an alternative for those investors (individuals, companies or non-profit entities) who want Independent Financial Advice.