Melia, a long-term value for risk tolerant Expansión (es), Stock Market
30 June, 2020
LEER MÁS The newspaper Expansión, with the collaboration of DPM Finanzas, analyzes the potential of Meliá Hotels.   
What strategies to follow to take advantage on takeover bid? Inversión&Finanzas, Stock Market
12 June, 2020
LEER MÁS The magazine Inversión with the collaboration of DPM Finanzas analyzes which strategies should follow an investment in the face of a possible takeover bid. When you choose a company because you thinks that some kind "corporate event,will occure "it is recommended that companies you chosse companies with reasonable valuations and...
What to expect after Market 'rally' Expansión (es), Stock Market
8 June, 2020
LEER MÁS We share with you our last collaboration with the newspaper Expansión. Markets are cyclothymic by nature and the current situation has proved it again. We have gone from comparing the Covid-19 crisis with the great depression of 29 or World War I/II,to now during the de-escalation we think that everything...

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