Europe goes on the hunt for Wallstreet Inversión&Finanzas, Stock Market
10 September, 2020
LEER MÁS Inversión magazine, in collaboration with DPM Finanzas, analyses the potential of the European equities after the largest "gap" with respect to the global market in more than 30 years.     
A guide to getting the course started well in the markets Expansión (es), Stock Market
6 September, 2020
LEER MÁS Expansión journal, with the collaboration of DPM Finanzas, analyzes the focuses to be monitored by the end of the year. <<Treatments and vaccines are far above everything else. If treatment came out that would allow people not to have to be hospitalized, it would radically change the situation. The market...
Stocks benefited from european recovery plan aid Expansión (es), Stock Market
26 July, 2020
LEER MÁS The newspaper Expansión, with the collaboration of DPM Finanzas, analysessome of the stocks that could be favored by the European recovery plan. Although the final amount of this expenditure is still unknown, as well as which sectors will be allocated, it seems rational to think a good deal of this...

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