Intereconomía: How should we invest with the delta variant? Intereconomía (es)
20 July, 2021
LEER MÁS We highlight an interview with our CIO (Carlos Farrás) on Radio Intereconomía, in which he describes our vision of the current situation and the appropriate strategy after the increase of infections by the delta variant .... DPM Finance ·INTERECONOMÍA HOW DO WE INVEST IN THE DELTA VARIANT?
DPM Finance joins the board of directors of ASEAFI About DPM Finance
17 July, 2021
LEER MÁS DPM Finanzas has joined the board of directors of ASEAFI with the aim of representing those investment services firms that defend and provide exclusively independent financial advice. We share ASEAFI interview with Carlos Farrás (our managing partner and CIO) about the sector and its future.   
Will we be able to attract foreign investment to Spain? El Mundo
23 June, 2021
LEER MÁS The increase in vaccinations and the arrival of European funds will be the springboard for growth in Spain, will we be able to take advantage of the situation? will we facilitate foreign investment? We share our latest collaboration with the newspaper El Mundo   

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