We put the latest technology to serve our customers.

It is no news that the digital world has revolutionized the world of business and the financial sector is rapidly adapting to these changes.
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While these developments seem that are only available to large corporations , experience has shown us what is only a matter of interest , time and people that are committed to develop.

Professional Financial Advice ( Within the regulated companies ) , is becoming an increasingly complex service , scam greater controls and a mayor Responsibility for those who give these services. While this is positive for greater investor protection, however it demands of us a greater simplicity , agility and flexibility.

Thus was born DPM app an intuitive , easy and functional tool that allows a quick way our customers to be properly informed before and after any recommendations, that can analyze legal documents, sign them digitally and report their decisions to their financial institutions . All this with high levels of security and protection of your information.

  • Access and view your information.
  • Send by email your documentation.
  • Digital signing of documents
  • Display all the historical documents signed
  • Notify your decisions to your finnacial institution

All this intuitively , quickly and with the latest safety standards way .
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Now our client decides when ( 24h) , from ( anywhere) and how:

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Computer

Download the app


Download the app


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