Our defining characteristics

Professionalism, experience, transparency, independence and rigorousness are the most prominent assets of our business and of the service we deliver to our clients, all based on technology.


PROFESSIONALISM AND EXPERIENCE, the distinctive characteristics of our team, entail a deep knowledge of our clients´ needs and risk aversion. This allow us to elaborate investment proposals in which each client fully understands the risks involved and the features of the products in which he is investing.
TRANSPARENCY. We at DPM Finanzas have made the decision not to take any rebate or commission on the products we recommend. Should that eventuality occur, it would be transferred to the client or discounted from our fees, according to his preference. Consequently, every client is assured that there is no conflict of interests in our recommendations, and our only way of income are the commissions that we charge for our services. This procedure guarantees that it will be the client who will appreciate our work and pay for it, so that our efforts can be focused on delivering the best possible service.
INDEPENDENCE. DPM Finanzas is an independent company, a fact which engenders the capacity to select the best products on the market regardless of the entity or investments company offering them, something not always possible within the traditional banking model. However, independence by itself does not guarantee good service; an array of means correctly performed is what allows us to offer a first-class service.
RIGOROUSNESS. A client´s financial portfolio together with his real estate investments may constitute his most valuable assets. It is therefore an important responsibility to the client and regulator, to comply rigorously with our processes, current obligations and a continuous follow-up of the client´s investments.
TECHNOLOGY. We at DPM Finanzas have placed our stakes on qualified staff and updated technologies, thus enabling us to offer a service at professional level. By means of the latest financial software we keep abreast of market changes, drafting first-class reports as well as issuing alarm signals, when this proves necessary to protect our clients´ portfolios.