Welcome to DPM Finanzas

We are an Independent Financial Advisory Company (EAFI), authorized, regulated and supervised by the CNMV (National Stock Market Commission) and registered under the registry number CNMV (132). Click HERE to access CNMV Official  Registers of Financial Advisory Firms.

“Another way to invest”. Our services are an alternative for those clients (individuals or companies) who wish to have a first class, professional, personal, independent, transparent and global advisory service for their financial investments.

Who are DPM Finanzas

Our goals are covering the financial needs and targets of our clients by means of a long-term relationship, within a deep understanding of their liquidity requirements, their knowledge and experience, plus their investment ends in view, adapting our advice to changes in their profile in the course of time.

This service is rendered creating and performing a follow-up of customized investment portfolios, aiming at a diversification of assets (fixed income, equities, raw materials, etc.), markets, (developed countries / emerging countries) as well as weighing the products themselves (choosing the best ones in each sector) with a view to optimize the profitability/risk relationship and fiscal efficiency of the client´s portfolio.

Our global and independent focusing additionally allows our clients to diversify risks operating with several financial institutions, taking advantage –should they wish to do so– of the financial conditions agreed upon by our company with several financial institutions.

Our company is not allowed to execute investment operations for its clients, so that it is the client himself who finally makes the decision to carry out, or not, the operations which have been recommended to him. Under no circumstance does DPM Finanzas have access to a client´s accounts or investments.

Our whole service is based on a deep knowledge of markets by an experienced staff, both qualified and acknowledged as such, with the aid of the latest technologies in the world of professional advisory.

Our independent status allows us to choose and recommend the best products on the market and, in order to avoid any conflict of interests, our company does not, and shall not, receive commissions of any sort in relation to products that have been recommended. In the eventuality of this taking place, the amount will be turned over fully to the client or discounted from our fees, according to his preference.

“The EAFIs (Independent Financial Advisory Companies) deliver a perfect service for those customers who, having lost faith in traditional private bankers, need to make decisions grounded on a correct diversification, risk evaluation, and products about which they are able to know and understand the risks involved” Carlos Farrás, DPM Finanzas EAFI Director and Partner.

Investor´s Guide CNMV (Stock Market National Commission) (EAFIs) more information.

Our strengths

Quality 100%
Independence 100%
Transparency 100%
Customized product 100%